Cabin Fever

This week finds us all with a little–or a lot–of disconnect to deal with. The astro weather combines the continued squaring energy of Pisces and Gemini, with the addition of the movement of the Sun and Venus into Aries, joining Mars and Uranus. In a nutshell, more left brain-right brain tennis matches as we seek to honor both feeling and reason, with an added impetus to just get out there and do something.

Mercury has turned direct, and without hesitation the flood of mind-busy-to-do-list activity has washed in. Everything that was a little on hold during the retrograde, and awash with the deluge of Piscean energy, now is rolling up on the shore of my unplugged brain. Of course, Mercury is still in Pisces, and that emotional territory he just navigated now is coming forward to be worked with for the third time. (Finding where Mercury is in your chart from 5 to 19 degrees Pisces will help to know where this affects you directly.)  It’s important to still be with feelings as they are arising, but we are going to be feeling much more of an urge to act by the end of the week.

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The Ebb Tide

Coming off the Pisces new moon we’ve still got plenty of the watery, Divine energy sloshing about, but as Mars has joined Uranus in Aries we will have a bolt of extra fire to contrast with all the water. We’ll feel like taking action and have a little more umph to our days, while still, of course, feeling the sensitive and squishy energies that continue to be present in Pisces.

Mercury is still in his retrograde motion, so it continues to be a good time for going inside to reflect on the state of our hearts and souls, aided by the retrograde of Saturn in Scorpio.

And speaking of Saturn, he’s making a waning sextile to Pluto, so this is an opportunity to ground the emotional ah-has we might be getting in the body, in new structures we put in place for ourselves, or simply, for letting go. It may be that insights coming during this Pisces deluge can really help our movement forward in the evolution of our souls, to make decisions that are more relevant to who we are now.

The choice is still up for us to act on feelings, or act on thinking. The ideal solution is to let our feeling inform our thinking (which it does whether we are seeing that consciously or not), rather than ignoring what is coming up because it isn’t convenient, pretty or easy. Be not a victim! is the cry for this time. Don’t let your thoughts put you there–make a new choice; Mars and Uranus can help with that.



And Again, With Feeling

Oh my. Holy handkerchiefs batman, but is it a crazy world out there these days. Almost everyone I know is embroiled in a three-hanky version of their own life, and I myself made it through one box of tissues at least this weekend. What is the meaning of so much chaos and emotion, such lack of clarity, such a squeezing feeling, in fact, as many people are reporting it?

Well, we’ve had a big ol’ bunch of planets in Pisces, and this will continue for a while yet. Today as I write, Venus is conjunct Chiron and Saturn and Pluto are in sextile, and Jupiter is square to that Venus/Chiron snuggle-fest. I feel the eye-rolling of my non-astro speaking friends, so let me elucidate.

First off, this Pisces emphasis creates a sea of confusion and clarity, a tidal ebb and flow of emotions and insights that come in waves and then recede. There’s not much to be done about this except to extend the blanket of compassion towards oneself as we find ourselves parched and adrift upon this wide sea. The whole point, in fact, may be to develop compassion for our essential humanness, our good-enough-ness in each moment as we do our best to understand and get by.

The Venus/Chiron conjunction asks for us to extend love to ourselves in our deepest wounded places, and Saturn’s retrograde in Scorpio lends a hand in the gentle but fearless inquiry into where we feel the most incapable and alone. Where we struggle in intimacy with others, and indeed, in intimacy with the Divine. The thing to remember here (and goodness knows I say this for myself!) is not to push, to temper the sense of urgency that comes when we feel our squishy bits getting trampled. It is true that the subconscious will move away from pain with whatever means is to hand, and we may find ourselves falling into our escapist tendencies (shadow Pisces) to avoid feeling our feelings. They won’t go away if we do this, merely be stored in our body and energy fields for dealing with at a later date.

This brings us to the nature of the Jupiter square from Gemini to this Pisces energy. As the emotions are stirring, and soft places being activated, the mind is struggling to make sense of it all. What do I want? What do I feel? Do things have to be so black and white? There may be pressure to analyze and remain in a mental space, yet we must allow the feelings to flow. The most helpful response to this is to move out of duality, to use our minds to witness our emotions, and to temper our desire to react in the moment. Active listening to ourselves and others is more useful in this fraught time, and responding with awareness rather than shooting off our mouths. The other aspect of Jupiter in Gemini is to skim the surface of all this chaos, distracting the self with a flood of information or activity; overdosing on the Scrabble app or CNN or Downton Abbey.

Feel more, talk less, pay attention to how you feel in your body. It can be as simple as noticing what makes you feel open inside, and what makes you feel squeezy. Apply compassion, remove urgency. Notice your courage in the small things. Applaud your ability to get out of bed, amp up the gratitude for 3 small things that got you through the day. And if you can, move past your fear of the other, and ask for help.



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