Let the Light Shine In

Uranus/Pluto square. I’ve written about it, lots of other astrologers have written (and are writing about it). Why? What is so epic about this particular configuration? And why do we keep on hearing about it?

Today, May 20, is the 3rd exact meet-up of Pluto and Uranus at around 11 degrees Capricorn and Aries respectively. There are seven of these exact meet-ups, the last one to come in March 2015. This is a long term influence, and one that intensifies as the two come together in exact degree. The energy of these slower moving planets will not just buzz away day after tomorrow; they stay within a close orb of influence that lasts the entire time of the transit (June 2012 to March 2015). This particular duet will be in close orb (within 1 degree) mid-June. And their dance is one of inherent stress and possible conflict; certainly the square challenges us and asks us to work on integrating energies that don’t necessarily want to work together. It’ such a big deal because the slower moving planets don’t come into relationship with each other that often, and it is a long term influence that is quite possibly going to transform our society and consciousness, if we let it.

I’m exploring this in my own life, as I investigate how to feel grounded and safe in myself and my external world (Capricorn/Cancer polarity) while honor my soul’s need to evolve, move forward, change jobs, locations, everything!(Aries). Part of me wants to just go! while others want to feel safe and secure. This creates enormous inner conflict for me as I decide on next steps for my life. Sometimes I get great insight and wisdom (Uranus electrifying Aries instinct), while other times nothing seems to work to make me feel ok, as work assignments fall away or other structures come tumbling down (Pluto transforming my outer reality in Capricorn). Most of us are feeling some variation on these themes, which of course will be determined by house placement in our natal charts. I myself think, daily, what the heck am I supposed to do?

The answer to the stress of the square is to roll up our sleeves and begin to work with it. If possible, can we honor security and stability needs as well as make needed change in life? Capricorn can be very practical and discerning: what truly do we need to feel safe? Security is mostly an inside job, yes, and there are real, external ways we can answer the call to ground and manifest a reality suitable for who we are becoming.¬†Can we also, then, listen to the instinctual urges within us that want a new adventure, a new expression of self, an expanded–and perhaps unexpected–urge to act in the world? To make new, without totally dismantling what is working and good in our outer world? Pluto’s job is to make sure we transform, Uranus wants to make sure we stay free and inspired. Aries wants to act, and Capricorn wants to manifest things responsibly and slowly into form. These energies¬†can work together, and will, if we do our inner work (which Saturn in Scorpio is helping us do anyway).

Help may come at this weekend’s lunar eclipse at 4 degrees of Sagittarius–May 25 for GMT or EST, May 24 for other US time zones. 2011-longest-total-lunar-eclipse1The eclipse of the moon always brings information from darkness into the light, or we may find that something we’ve been grappling with will receive¬† illumination via an update or expansion of our philosophy or ideals. Truth may need telling and receiving . . . watch for opportunities to expand the worldview from other voyaging cosmonauts. It’s possible that we won’t like the truth we are hearing, so do check for personal resonance before taking on a new belief. Depending, again, on the house where the eclipse takes place is where the illumination will occur. This eclipse is in a loose trine to Uranus, so information about how to act on new impulses may come through; this may challenge Pluto/Cap but we must weigh the consequences and call the shots. Let the light shine in from this inspired and more lighthearted moon, and take some fun and exploration into the Memorial Day weekend.



Say It Like You Mean It

solar-eclipse_end_diaAn active week in the cosmos coming up! First a note of thanks to all who have been so patient and responsive to my blog transition! I am so thrilled with the new site and the streamlining of my life to just plain eliaseely! Thanks esp. to Eddy Deane, who is a designer, dancer, artist, friend extraordinaire!

Now, onto the star talk!

The main event this week is the new moon solar eclipse at 19 degrees 31 minutes Taurus. The last lunar eclipse in Scorpio had many of us reeling with the intensity of it all, and so I’ve had a lot of folks asking about the energies in store for May 9. I find that solar eclipses are often less intense than lunar events because the events that transpire are not coming up from the subconscious or from hidden places. They may be more decisive in the energies they carry, but usually about things that we are already aware of and dealing with. Never mind in the medieval times that solar eclipses signaled the “toppling of kings;” what we need to look for with this eclipse is how places where we may have been stuck, digging in our heels, or just plain in denial about will suddenly open up, move forward, on, or away.

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