Acknowledging the Heart Within

Oh, Cancer. What wonderful flowing feelings and nurturing sensitivities you bring. What potential for universal mothering . . . and oh, gosh, what hurts, wounds, and feelings of inner darkness and emotional fears you desire to expose for evolution.

Yes, pretty much everyone I know right now–including me!–is feeling uber-soft and manifesting the subsequent defenses to protect our innermost hearts. We long to connect, feel, say what’s really true for us, and yet, there is the fear of rejection, of being too vulnerable, being uncared for.

How do you nurture yourself when feelings like this are flowing?

How do we continue to show up for ourselves when the outer world isn’t showing us what we want?

How to we create stability when we feel fear?

All these questions are good, valid, and universal. Whether we acknowledge them or not or just blunder through our day pretending not to feel, the questions exist, and are calling to be answered.

I believe that the key to beginning this work is to acknowledge the heart within ourselves, and to–just for a moment–consider the possibility that no one will make us feel safe except us. That our outer world–job, relationship, country, bank account–may offer us varied experiences, some that feel good, some that feel bad, but that the emotional buck ultimately stops with us.

If we feel unseen, unloved, uncared for, can we stop for a moment and give ourselves that care and love? Can we for a moment, offer it to someone or something else, even if it feels we are “faking it?” Can we come back to ourselves, our breath, our present moment circumstance and acknowledge our ok-ness just then, in that moment, in that breath?

I know, easier said than done. I’m practicing it too. And I think, that with the astro energies of the week, it will be very important to bring to ourselves (the Sun) a nurturing word, self-kindness, and space and time to process emotions. While the outer world may seem to be demanding perfection, a “grow up” attitude, and possibly a seeming business-like coldness (Pluto in Capricorn), it is important to mother ourselves. Likewise, bring the kind words of the good enough mother (your self!) if the outer world seems too “hot,” unpredictable, and temperamental (Uranus in Aries). Our inner natures need softness, nice pillows, a stream to sit by, and the constant, compassionate loving arms of our inner parent this week (Neptune in Pisces). Can we be kind enough to give this to ourselves? And maybe, in one moment, to another?

It’s a sensitive season. We are being asked to source from within in a myriad of ways. It might feel hard. That’s ok.

Here is the audio forecast for the week, featured on Embodied Awakening radio:
June 28-July 5

I’d love to hear your creative ways with coping with sensitivity this season. And as always, I’m here to help.



Full Moon, Flowing Trines, and Mercury Retrograde–oh my!

I don’t know about you, but the lunar cycles seem to cruise by with alarming speed in my life. super-moon-zoomIt’s already full moon time again; the moon in her waxing phase has been showing up bright and orange, shining through the forest fire haze that we’re experiencing here in Colorado. June 23rd will find her shining fat and full at 2 degrees of Capricorn–a perfect reflection of not just the Sun in Cancer, but all the other planets traveling through this sensitive, emotionally potent sign.

The next few weeks will find us navigating new emotional depths and possibilities springing from our work in the watery realms, with the grand water trine featuring Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in Scorpio, and the passage of the Sun, Mars and Jupiter through the Cancer trine point of about 4-5 degrees. There is great potential here to work with symbols, dreams, intuition, and meaning–allow these ways that Spirit communicates with you to permeate your life. As always with the water signs, it is important to monitor how we may be falling into unhealthy emotional patterns, victimization, or manipulation–and, how we may be relating to the unconscious or fear-based emotional expressions of others. What is important is to own our personal emotional states and realities and how they are expressing out into the world through the polarities of the earth signs Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus. If we want a check-up on our emotional insides, we need look no further than our tangible, practical, manifest outsides.

Meanwhile Mercury will go retrograde on June 26, in Cancer, offering even more opportunity to communicate and connect with our own feelings and status of our emotional self-reliance.

I’ve got more specific information on my now weekly portion of the Embodied Awakening radio show hosted by my friend and fabulous healer and coach, Julie Migneault. Please give a listen!

6/21 Astrology forecast



Swimming in the Mystery (aka, the “I don’t know”)

neptune_gdsWhat do you get when you cross a big, misty ocean wave with a bunch of incandescent butterflies, soft shell crabs, and an electrical firestorm?

Ummmmmm . . . I don’t know . . .

 I’m tired of things being so hard! An oft heard phrase in my world, as friends and clients struggle to sift through the various incongruent and shifting sands that the astro energies are presenting us with.

I want to start with Neptune, because I myself am experiencing a transit to personal planets from Neptune, which is making my world a verrrry interesting place. With all seriousness, the energetic of Neptune at the best of times is one of wondrous surrender and mystery, full of fairies and dreams and silvery moonlight, and if one is lucky, the occasional face of God. Yet, the archetype of Neptune is all of consciousness, all of beingness, all of possibility as can be dreamt of in the eyes of the gods and human kind. How is this knowable? Perceivable? The truth is–at least my truth–is that Neptune isn’t knowable. The energy that Neptune brings us, as it turns from stationary direct to retrograde on June 7 (at 5 degrees Pisces), is an opportunity to deepen into the mystery of life, of our own psyche, consciousness, relationship to the Divine within us and without. What does this mean in practical terms? I don’t know! 

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