World, Hear Me Roar!

Long, hot days, temperate, playful nights . . . the grasses turning a golden brown; the light of the Sun is rich, compelling us to play hard and enjoy the last days of summer. August is the month to be like children. Vacation, sleeping in, running around–these are the playful attributes of Leo, whose rulerĀ is the Sun.

Although the Sun officially made its ingress into Leo on the 22nd of July, August is the month that is usually associated with the sign of the Lion in popular astrology. This archetype of Leo, the Sun, and the fifth house (ruled by Leo in the natural Zodiac) finds us feeling extroverted and moving our energy out. We have the desire to create, to play, to express ourselves and be noticed. Leo says, “look at me world” and gives that big MGM roar, just to let us all know that he/she’s arrived. And when Leo arrives, we should give this big cat it’s due, for Leo in its high vibration is warm, generous, noble, an enlightened monarch that gives his entire heart in service to his kingdom. Leo brings a large, exciting presence to the world, a place where the ego is developed and learns to create and execute the dramas of its own design: star, director, producer and writer.

Of course, there can be a shadow to all this heat, and that is when Leo doesn’t feel acknowledged, or the need for being seen and respected moves into the distortion of bossiness, dominance, or narcissism.’ll want to be aware of the shadow potential during the New Moon in Leo on August 6 (3:51pm MDT at 14 degrees) and as Mercury moves into Leo on August 8, and later as Mars arrives on August 27.

Meanwhile, we’re still dealing with a lot of energy in Cancer–check previous posts for more on the stellium of planets there and the grand water trine. People in my life are feeling pretty worn out emotionally (as am I!), yet it seems we are beginning to feel some relief as more energy becomes available in the fire signs. There are interesting opportunities to affect some healing of our core wounds this week, as Mars and Venus contact Chiron (retrograde in Pisces), and each other. Listen to the audio forecast for more insight about these and other transits!

8_1 – 8_8 forecast

Have a great week in the Cosmos!



Mother/Father; Feeling/Doing: Cancer Capricorn Polarity

How do you feel? Has it been a bit of an emotional deluge, or have you been holding your own, perhaps burying yourself in work or battening down the emotional hatches? I’ve been swinging back and forth–so sick of feeling so weepy and soft, and then just putting it all on hold while I work my day job, keep the business going, and check out on movies and chocolate spread and graham crackers. Hello–that’s a childhood comfort meal for sure, and I’ve been yearning for the safe innocence of small kid time, where I lived in the moment and didn’t have to earn a living or navigate complex emotional relationships.

I know that friends and clients have been on their own life rafts, plunging about in the high seas too. One friend in particular is struggling to find her inner authority. She’s challenged to leave the safe nest of her house and domestic round and go out and be responsible, look for work, do the things out in the world that are pressing down on her. Others are struggling with the cultural push to be doing all the time, and find that they are getting summer colds just to get some down time at home.

Cancer and Capricorn represent thezodiacal-sign-capricorn mother and father principles within us, as well as the inner emotional world and the outer world of building and manifesting, respectively. We need emotional flow and we also need discipline. We need to find our center of emotional self-reliance, yet at the same time create connections from our hearts to what we build in the outer world. Mercury turning direct in Cancer may help usĀ  integrate our new insights to bring in this balance. The audio forecast for the week gives more details: listen here.

7_19 to 7_26 forecast

Meanwhile a full moon in Aquarius on the 22nd gives us a moment of emotional objectivity amongst an otherwise power packed week of feelings. Opposite the Sun ingressing into Leo, we can take the time to harvest an inventory of our feelings and insights gained so far over this emotional summer. With the witness clarity possible in Aquarius, how do we now understand our essence (Sun) in new ways? Are there changes we’d like to make? Ways we’d like to expand?

kids-playingThe Sun in Leo reminds us to play: to create, express, live and laugh. In the Northern hemisphere Leo brings us the height and also the descent of summer. The hottest days, the vacation, the garden harvest really coming on. Take time this week to play. Listen to your own inner child and see what he or she wants to do–and find a way to express that with health, awareness, and fun!

Wishing you a interesting week in the cosmos!



Full Steam Ahead: Mars enters Cancer

The-planet-marsThe beautiful red planet, Mars, enters Cancer on July 13 (MDT), adding it’s fiery desire nature to the cool, yin nature of moon-ruled Cancer. We all know that heating water creates steam, and this can either be harnessed for energy or allowed to dissipate.

Mars is our conscious desire nature, the way we manifest, and also the way our unconscious drives surface in the real world. How well we know our Martian energy definitely equates to how easily and well we feel we can make our desires real and present in our lives.

Jupiter, on July 17 will make the exact trine with Saturn and Neptune I’ve been talking about in past posts, so it could be a really deep week–emotions boiling to the surface, insights upwelling from the dream state, and a real desire to express ourselves with truth and freedom. Can we allow ourselves to do that? Do we feel secure enough inside of ourselves to express our truth, though it may be different from others? These are the themes that Mars and Jupiter interacting in Cancer bring.

This week’s audio forecast goes into more detail . . . listen here!

7_12-7_19 forecast

Uranus will go retrograde on July 17 as well, for exactly 5 months, and so all the ways that Uranuswe are shackled by societal and family conditionings will come up for review. Uranus wants to be free, and Uranus in Aries especially wants to be free. Can we become emotionally, spiritually, psychologically responsible enough for ourselves that we can make our own rules, define our own boundaries, set our own limits? This is tricky, because of course, we must co-exist and the nature of co-existence is harmonious interaction and cooperation with others (Libra polarity to Aries). Yet–the soul’s desire is to individuate and find itself, and this necessarily demands a degree of self-referencing. This is a loaded concept for most of us, and so let me suggest the term enlightened self-interest. Meaning, I look no further than myself for my own worth, my own intention, my own code. But I do so with regard to others doing the same. I express myself truthfully, but without the demand that others agree. I stand in my own self-defined reality, and I respect and am curious about the personal reality of others.

And so on .. . each of us is on our own journey of personal freedom and what that means to us, and Uranus retrograde will be bringing the instincts and electric glimpses into future realities that will help guide us on this very personal journey.

Have a great week in the cosmos!IMG_0076



Recognizing our Light

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

~ Marianne Williamson

I know, I know, that is possibly one of the most over-quoted bits in present time, yet it is so perfect for what we are working with this summer as we brave new emotional realities. I invite you to really read what Marianne says here, and take in what her words mean to you on a deep level. How do you feel about being shiny and seen? I myself feel a lot of terror around that! Though it sounds crazy, I know that it is true. Equally, I want to really shine forth my essence, my eternal, essential being. I want my creativity and relationships to be imbued with the special quality that only I can bring. And as I bring forth my unique gifts, I want to see your light too!

Venus in Leo gives us all an opportunity to play (Leo word) with the concepts that Marianne puts forth so eloquently above. The archetype of Leo is where we, as growing beings, develop our creative ego. Naturally, we look to the external world to help us understand ourselves. We listen to the feedback we get about our efforts to express, and we craft our ego identity accordingly. In the highest vibration of Leo, we become shiny, noble beings who understand our intrinsic worth, and we look to the outer world to bring forth our most needed abilities for the tribe. In the shadow of the Lion, we become addicted to praise and attention, and cannot find our own sense of self. In our fears of being inadequate, we retreat into a subdued version of our magnificence, or we become loud show-offs or impossible narcissists–both distortions that really say “I’m not enough.”

Venus will be in a harmonious relationship to Uranus this week, and so we may reach out for some inspiration and drop into our instinctual natures to find out how we truly want to shine and express. And by doing so, will be deeply seen.

July 8 brings us a new moon in Cancer (16 degrees, 1:15am MDT). Along with the Mercury retro in Cancer and the general planetary movements in water, there will be an opportunity for new levels of relating. Issues may arise, wherever we find this degree of Cancer in our charts, that will encourage us to plant new seeds for our relational future.

What new pathways of self-exploration can we commit to in order to create more self-love and nurturing? And thus an increased ability to act out of our essence?

If the beginning of the week feels ultra sensitive, tune in to what you need to feel nurtured and calmly abiding in your own heart space (and don’t forget to laugh!).

This week’s show on Embodied Awakening includes more details of the Venus/Uranus trine, Mercury’s conjunction to the Sun, and Saturn turning direct. Listen in here for my segment–and please take in the whole show as Julie and her guests explore the themes the planets are presenting.

7_5-7_14 forecast

As always, I wish you laughter and insight, and thank you for finding your way here!



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