I Think, Therefore I Evolve?

A friend of mine shared a link on Facebook, a quote from Jeff Brown: Excessive Analysis Leads to Emotional Paralysis

I have interesting feelings of my own about this idea, because I believe it and yet also deeply believe in the capacity of the mind to affect healing. I feel (and think!) that developing a witness consciousness and an ability to perceive one’s own mind is invaluable in healing.

In any case this isn’t a plug for or against Brown, who is making his contribution to the spiritual consciousness of the world just as I and many others are trying to do. What came up for me is the function of the mind in the processing of our unhealed, disowned, and unrecognized emotions/emotional blocks.

To analyze, process, and perfect are the actions of Virgo. The Moon and Venus are conjunct in this sign today, August 9. There will be a natural tendency to use the mind and it’s incredible powers of analysis in the Venusian realms of love, self-love, relating and working with our own talents and resources.

Am I good enough? Do I make enough money? Am I wasting my potential? Does that person deserve me? Do I deserve them? Why am I alone? Why am I lonely? How can I be more perfect so that I can have more money, love, etc. Why? Why? Why?

These are the kinds of questions that can arise in our minds during the passage of the moon through Virgo and connection with Venus, or if we have the Virgo archetype emphasized in our charts. The Mercury ruled Earth sign of Virgo can be relentless in its busyness and thinking. I agree with Jeff that we cannot merely think our way into healing and awareness. And yet, without the cultivation of a witness aspect of our consciousness–the ability to watch ourselves and our emotions–we cannot discern (great Virgo word) what is happening within us to feel.

Shadow Virgo is hypercritical and operating a thinking journey; enlightened Virgo realizes what the mind is telling itself and performs whatever actions necessary to remove limiting beliefs from the body temple.

Another aspect of the Moon-Venus conjunction is to tap both these planets’ ability to generate love and nurturing. Neptune, in Virgo’s polarity of Pisces, also offers a solution of compassion, and a surrendering of our thoughts to the Divine heart. Thoughts do drive feelings and it is important to recognize and watch them. Then to release the mind and enter the heart, this, I believe, is one way of evolving into more complete aspects of our selves.

Many times we do not know why we feel as we do; it is important then to just feel the feelings! Many times we analyze and pick apart events and relationships way beyond the point that is useful. As ever, there is a balance to be gained with body, heart, and mind . . . the planets in Leo right now are asking us to open up our heart centers, the water planets are asking us to feel, and the earth planets are inviting us to take ALL that awareness and ground it into our everyday lives.

Thinking, Feeling, Doing: it all helps us to evolve and connect more deeply to ourselves and therefore the world. I thank my friend and Jeff Brown for stimulating the thoughts and feelings that guided the post this week!

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