Wash Me Clean

800px-Flow_of_Merced_River_after_Autumn's_rain_storm_in_Yosemite_Valley_Oh water! Oh let the rain come down and wash me clean; let me feel new and freshly scoured by the wind for the next chapter of my life.

It’s been a “biblical” flood time here in Boulder, though the 91 degrees today belied the last few days of torrential rain and 100 year flood conditions. My word for this is crazytown!

The environmental conditions have strangely mimicked my own life. I had some bodywork early in the week last week, which opened me up for all sorts of new, and one  hopes, improved, states of being. First it was the despair: why am I still broke, unloved, the family failure? Oh my, with my creative mind, I can find 50+ ways to be the victim. Next couple days it was getting fed-ex packages from the universe with “we love you” and “chin up” written on the outside, and coming in the guise of songs on the radio, phone calls out of the blue, and the requisite right-on fortune in the fortune cookie (though I haven’t tried those lottery numbers yet). Then more rain. More flooding. Can’t get to work. Things feel weird–this is Colorado, not Oregon, right?

neptune_gdsSaturday I danced, and afterward had an epic cry because of a spiritual experience that basically had me alternately dancing and praying on my knees on the floor that my heart would be big enough to hold all the beauty of the world, humanity, and the Divine. The weeping, the weeping, the weeping. Every day this week I cried. Today, rather than go home and write about it all, I chose to have wine, pate, and beet and chevre grilled cheese with a friend. Well. Neptune is having an intimate visit with my Jupiter/Mars conjunction in my natal chart. Neptune is doing other interesting things by solar arc, and is in fact revisiting itself by progression. Etc. Etc. Neptune on my mind. Neptune keeping me real, Neptune inviting me to have another glass of wine.

What does this mean to anyone, out there, who doesn’t know Neptune from their great Aunt Betty?

The moon, my friends , is full in Pisces on the 19th, at 26 degrees 5:12am MDT. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. The moon, in her fullness, will be bringing all the aforementioned effects of the archetype of Neptune/Pisces. That is; confusion, clarity, deep feeling, God-states, denial, check-out, addiction (I’m not addicted to alcohol but marginal on things like cheese, pate, and did I mention the raw kumomotos? just like having a mouthful of the sweet Pacific herself). The unknowable self, the unknowable Divine; the most intimate self, the most intimate communication with the Divine. It’s all here for us on this moon cycle. The harvest of feeling, transcendence, deepest denial, poetry, inspiration, confusion–let this moon be about surfing the existential. Following the feeling, diving down and taking a look at those deepest sea creatures that glow in the dark and remind us of our own millenial origins.

Everyone gets a dose of Neptune this week, as we wax into the full moon cycle, and finish the Virgo sun cycle (polarity to Pisces) by the 22nd. Other notable facts: Venus conjoins Saturn in Scorpio on the 18th, bringing her relational, sensual, but also savvy self-reliant self to bear on the intimacy and transpersonal depth mining going on with Saturn. Will we find love? Have sex? Win the lottery? Who knows . . . but in any case with a full moon and all, it could be an emotionally juicy rest of the week. And Pluto turns direct on the 20th . . . the boys are back in town, as it were. Stay tuned for more Capricorning as Pluto regains his momentum through this cardinal earth sign.

Bon Appetit



Juicy Fruit


As I write, nature’s light show is going off over the Flatirons and beyond; the night is just cooling down to sultry as opposed to bloody roasting, and the crickets are toning in the grass. The lake below is varied deep shades of inky gray, and it all is just seeming like the perfect metaphor for this week’s astrology.

We start with the harmonious sextile from the Sun in Virgo to Jupiter in Cancer on Sept. 7. Great vibes to be coming off the New Moon in Virgo and relating our urges for compassionate self-improvement to some emotional expansion and self-responsibility. All good when heart, body, and mind have an opportunity to align.  And just as we’re getting comfortable with our new intentions for greater wellness (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual), our shenanigans in the intimacy and relational world start heating up. (Check the updated Flowers That Heal page for essences to help with September’s energies.)

Enter the metaphor, above. Mars in Leo is the lightning, heating up Saturn’s presence in Scorpio. All the indigo depths of our emotions, power & control issues, and intimacy fears receive a jolt of Mars/Leo’s fiery energy. Mars in Leo wants to express, play, be in charge. How is that sitting with whatever contraction–thunder, perhaps?–is happening in our own psyche under Saturn’s tutelage? Does it look like wanting to express our own essence but being afraid to be seen? Does it feel like needing to be get a little more sassy in the bedroom, say, but feeling like you could never express that wish?

By fortherock (Flickr: Lions & Lion Cubs)

Or perhaps a child is feeling her oats and roaring up and down the house, and you are feeling the strain of how to relate to your wild cub that last week was as compliant as a lamb.

Sept. 9 is the exact square of Mars to Saturn, and this influence will last a few days. It’s important to honor how we want to really express–in a big, fun way–while taking into consideration how this affects those who are our emotional intimates (including our inner children). Both Leo and Scorpio are fixed signs, and stubborn, and both want to feel a measure of power. Using Mercury’s ingress into Libra could be helpful here, as the tendency for “my way or the highway” can be present.

Mercury in Libra is a breath of mental fresh air amidst the steamy, sultry Leo/Scorpio energy. There is opportunity to find balance and perhaps middle ground as the quickness of Mercury finds expression in gentle, moderating Libra. Be mindful of Libra’s tendency for wishy-washy or fence sitting, though, and don’t fall into a pleasing-others-in-sacrifice-of-self trap. If you find yourself prevaricating in those timely discussions, turn the hot tap up just a little bit, and speak your truth–but with your inside voice.

Venus moves into Scorpio on the 11th, and thus we can see those expressions of Venus intensifying. The Taurus side of her will want to build something of value upon the new emotional insights that Saturn’s transit is bringing; perhaps we will see what a resource our own ability to be vulnerable and surrender control truly is. The Libra side will want depth, intensity, and some juicy fruit from her relationships. With both love and desire planets in play with the energy of Saturn and Scorpio, it’s bound to get kinda interesting. Fears may come up; power plays with parents or work may ensue, and the words to remember are trust and surrender; moderation and–could we possibly let ourselves have it?–joy.

Portrait-Photo-Hysterical-singing-150x145-1The 14th is an active day, with Mercury and Pluto in tension–communication may be tough, but again, if we let go of fear and rigidity, and own what is ours,  we can find depths of transformation. Mars’ trine to Uranus keeps that inspired creative action coming, and Venus in trine to Neptune can bring snippets of synchronicity through dreams, psychic flashes, or poetry written on bathroom walls.

All the while the Sun travels through Virgo, who is looking at all this activity with a critical, or hopefully discerning, eye. It’s quite the mix this week, and asking what to take in? and what to leave out? will be a good use of Virgo’s high vibration.



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