Will You Open the Door?

2011-longest-total-lunar-eclipse1Opportunity is knocking this week, and our choice to open the door or not–or how we greet our visitor on the step–will have impact for the next six months.

Yep, it’s eclipse season again, and this week’s lunar event, on the 18th at 5:38pm MDT, will find the Sun and Moon at 25 degrees of Libra and Aries respectively, so look to your charts to see where this energy will impact you the most.

Generally speaking, the Sun in Libra is looking for balance, harmony, joy, and love, and seeks to serve the other.  The Moon in Aries is reflecting on instinct, inspiration, and taking action upon those instincts, and is more in service to the self. Eclipses offer a burst of energy, like a sudden big wave that if we are ready for is exhilarating to surf, but if we are not may find us getting pummeled as we lose our sense of which way is up.

How can one be ready for an eclipse cycle? Most simply, look and see how your life is playing out at the moment. Do you feel balanced, in harmony, basically ok? Or are there places that are pretty wonky, a relationship that is one-sided, a job that is sucking your life away, or some other area of life that is really lacking for you? Most of us will have some area where we aren’t rocking it–that’s the journey of life. This eclipse will be highlighting the areas where balance is lacking, and asking us where we can be more pro-active for our own well-being.

In a culture that supports caretaking (vs. caregiving) and denounces “selfishness”, this can be tricky. It’s hard to honor your own wishes if they conflict with those of someone you love, or with who is paying your wages. This eclipse will be asking you what do YOU really need to be balanced here? More joyful? More abundant? How can you look after yourself better? Respect your intuition? Take a chance? Dare to soar?

Jupiter is activating this eclipse from its location in Cancer, which is the opportunity piece. The moon is in full phase, which is a signal to pick that apple off the tree. To harvest, to reap.732px-DomenichinounicornPalFarnese If a gift horse shows up on your front step with a fruit basket, please accept, and invite her in. If it seems crazy to ask a horse into the living room, but it feels good in your gut, do it. If you are inspired to gallop with her across your urban streets, do that. If you’d like to comb her silky mane and whisper in her ear, and that feels like the edgiest, most inspired behavior that would make YOU happy, then go for it.

In other words, we may be feeling an inherent tension in this full moon/lunar eclipse. There may be some hard choices, yet the wisdom and information is there, via our feeling and intuitive body, to make choices that serve our highest good. The impetus is present to take action. What we do now activates energies that are powerful for the next six months–taking part consciously means riding some pretty amazing waves.



ps: a GREAT flower essence to take to support inspiration and creativity at this time is Iris

Only Connect

cropped-clifford-suspension-bridge-ii-2008.jpgI get a newsletter in support of my other writing that showed up with the tagline “only connect” which is a line I’ve always liked out of Forster’s novel Howard’s End. The two simple words inspired me to write now, right now . . .

The coming together of Uranus and Pluto for yet another of their pas de deux en square has me feeling the conflict, yet again, of wanting to be free of any kind of committed behavior toward the outer world while at the same time experiencing the need to create structure and a workable, self-responsible organization around how I express my light and creativity to the world.Pluto-picture In short–should I keep this blog up or ditch it? Who cares? Who reads? What does it all mean, anyway. Add the energies of last week’s new moon in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries, and the whole idea of wanting to be in relationship with the world, clients, myself . . . and how to be completely free and independent while I do that has been pressing on my brain. I’m deep in a journey of creative self-discovery–thanks to Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way and Saturn in Scorpio–as well as Pluto’s ongoing journey through my 5th house. But I’ve been struggling with how to be in the world. How to express myself in a way that is genuine and authentic to me, while serving others in the way that I imagine they want to be served.

Art-Painting-Mythology-fantasy-Underwater-kingdom-18761The archetype for October is Libra, the scales. Ruled by Venus, Libra is the most relational of the signs in some ways, concerned as it is with the continual fine tuning of the balance between self and other. Libra is not so concerned with intimacy–that is the purview of Scorpio–but how indeed to be a self in a sea of selves. The polarity of Aries–me me me on my horse heading over the horizon–is constantly tugging on Libra’s lovely garments, pulling her away from the constant inquiry into the nature of relating. As an air sign, Libra brings an emotional remove from the relational world, along with an intellectual curiosity that is woven through with a deep sense of what is right and aesthetic. The Uranus /Pluto square, active in Aries-Capricorn respectively, stimulates Libra via opposition and square. In other words, the ways we relate come under stress, just as the arenas in which Uranus and Pluto dance in our charts do. Currently the only planet transiting Libra is the Sun, but the house in our charts ruled by Libra (especially around 9-10 degrees) is calling for a bit of attention.

Meanwhile, of course, Saturn, Mercury, and the transiting North Node are all conjunct in Scorpio–remember the intimacy piece–and asking us to not only think about how we are relating, but also to feel. To mine, to explore, to depth charge. All good, in sextile to Pluto; the opportunities to take more responsibility for ourselves and our feelings could be the good result. And I think that we must, really, take on the full charge of ourselves, if the species is to evolve at all.

The cosmos is in a bit of a spin, and the eclipse season will be upon us this month as well, which is like a heavy foot on the accelerator. Sudden surges forward may ensue. But I’ll be checking in with you on that.

Yes, though I have had to take some time to honor my inward forays, and stomp about with my nothing-has-meaning-why-bother-to write-anything I will be here. And checking in. And trying to offer my vision of what the planets offer us, in service to you, to me . . .images

Though the Libra/Aries polarity can be quite tricky to navigate, I come back to the words of Forster. After all is said and done, let us only connect. Me to me, you to you, me to you.



p.s.: from Howard’s End: “… one might see life steadily and see it whole, group in one vision its transitoriness and its eternal youth, connect — connect without bitterness until all men are brothers.”

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