And the Truth Is . . .

256px-Crescent_moon_from_spaceI enjoy new Moons–maybe it’s the opportunity to really see the stars, or delight in the shining smile of the waning and waxing crescents that bookmark the dark moon, or the metaphor and opportunity of starting fresh each month. I love the moon–it’s powerful and primal and also soft and silvery-sweet. Though I don’t profess to be one of those types that tracks the course of Luna daily through the month, I do find full and new moons, and eclipses when they occur, to be powerful times for setting intentions and connecting to the archetypes of whatever sign is activated.

December 2, at about 5:22 pm MST, the sun and moon will conjoin at around 11 degrees of Sagittarius. This is honestly a breath of fresh air from the intense energies of last month’s Scorpio extravaganza. The solar month of Sag–from 22 November to the 21 December–is a time for us to emerge from the inky depths of Scorpio fears and inner explorations and look out and up to where we can take what we’ve learned and move into a more uplifting and positive vibration. This is not to knock Scorpio, but with the transiting North Node, Saturn, Mercury, Venus a while back and so on all there, it’s been a wild ride, and I for one am ready for a little buoyancy!

Sagittarius is well-know for his “it’s all good” sort of take on life, and for the most part, the Centaur 800px-Blake_Hell_25_Centaur_Cacusis focused on the exciting adventure of living and all the new horizons that lay before him. He’s a seeker, but in a more jovial way than Scopio. He wants to experience the world–other philosophies, countries, religions, cultures. He loves wisdom and a good discussion about Truth. He’s an explorer and a freedom lover, he likes a story and a laugh. This energy is available to us on the new moon, and for most of December. As we think about intentions for the next lunar cycle, get in touch with your understanding of Truth. Of freedom, and excitement, and the far horizon. Take a look up and out of yourself, and check out what is going on in the world. As you scan the magic of the universe around you, notice your body. What lights your fire, gets you excited? Who and what motivate you to take action, seek further knowledge, expand yourself? These are the people and things to pay attention to, to spend more time with, and will give you clues as to what you are looking to create inside your own world.

Mercury will travel into Sag from the 6th through the 24th of December, adding a curious and communicative boost to the solar and lunar energy. Follow the threads and breadcrumb trails of adventure that light up your soul! We’ve been working hard, now it is time to play.

Smile, be free, be open, be yourself.




By the Sea, By the Sea

800px-Flow_of_Merced_River_after_Autumn's_rain_storm_in_Yosemite_Valley_I may be living at 5400 feet surrounded by glorious mountains, but let me tell you, I’ve been swimming in the sea. Yes, that same old watery sea that has been flowing in and out all summer long with all the planetary energy in the water signs. Typical to the effects of Neptune, which turns direct today at around 2 degrees of Pisces, I was noodling along thinking dreamily of writing about Neptune’s station, and then, here it is! So I have to dash off a post before work and hope that it’s helpful!

So, Neptune stations–stands still as it is changing direction–so we get a deep drop-in to the heart of this powerful planet’s nature. That is the following, any or all: ungroundedness, inspired thinking, the urge to write and be poetic, mystical, visionary, weepy, confused, close to the Divine, abandoned by the Divine, compassion, martyrdom, deep feelings, inaction, inspired flow.

Yeh, it’s a bit of a woolly bugger, Neptune. neptune_gdsHard to get a handle on just what one is feeling, should be doing, could be doing. The best advice I can give is go with it, surf it, ride it . . . don’t check out because it feels scary or hard. Use the tools you have–meditation, yoga, walking in nature, deep breathing, petting the cat, sitting in your hot tub–to navigate the intensity. Know that you are always incredibly close to the Divine, your higher nature–that you have only to look, to allow, and it is there.

Meanwhile, of course Jupiter retrograde in Cancer, Mercury direct now in Scorpio along with Saturn (still) and the transiting North Node. It’s still a feeling fest. Let 2013 be the Year I Felt my Feelings (every day all the time). Fine. You know that saying if you can’t beat them, join them? This wisdom applies here. The planets really want us to own our fears, to be vulnerable, to talk about things, to throw off the old patterns that have plagued us. It’s time to leave behind remnants of childhood woundings that we are taking into our adult relationships. How? Awareness, compassion (Neptune), facing them with love but a firmness too, of hey, this isn’t true any longer, I’m letting you go (Saturn in Scorpio). I’m deep in this myself folks, so I know it ain’t easy. Transformation is a practice.

Also, very important, during this time of watery inundation and confusion, PLEASE be kind to yourself and others, and do/be one thing a day that brings you authentic pleasure and joy. Not to be confused with the things that numb you out and remove you from your feelings. Even the tiniest pleasure will do. We must feed our souls in times of great work.

With love,


Solar Eclipse and Astro-Rodeo

220px-Ecl-annI should have written sooner, yeah, ’cause the energies have been amping up all week for this rodeo weekend here in the cosmos. But here we are; I’ve been navigating my own intense time of unexplainable emotions, up-in-the-middle-of-the-night crying jags, bouts of prayer, grief, and joy. In other words, an emotional rodeo that even I am feeling to be a bit much.

Welcome to the round-up of planets in Scorpio, including the solar eclipse on November 3, at around 11 degrees of the sign of our friend, the inimitable Scorpion. This fixed water sign exemplifies emotional depth charge, with the power to wound or transform, often in one fell swoop. Symbols for Scorpio include, obviously, the Scorpion, with a stinging tail and an instinct to strike when provoked (provocation can be, but is not limited to, betrayal, death, fear, mistrust) and also the Phoenix, that mythical creature which rises from the ashes of seeming destruction to live anew. What we have, then, now and in the coming days, are the Sun and Moon in their new, eclipsing conjunction also in conjunction to Saturn (at 13 degrees); the North Node and Mercury making their own conjunction at 7 degrees. Basically all this togetherness offers up an incredible amount of high running energy that we can use for good or ill–or somewhere in between.

The solar eclipse on its own is powerful mojo, with Scorpio adding potent energy to the possibilities for new beginnings in the area of trust, intimacy, shared resources–the whole idea of letting others into our world so that we can harness the power of the many.

By Nina from Australia
By Nina from Australia

This is a powerful weekend for creating new intentions to open ourselves up with greater authenticity and fearlessness in our close relationships–be they family, business, friendship, or romantic. We may feel, however, an abundance of emotion: jealousy, suspicion, fear . . . if stakes are high (and they usually are in Scorpio) we have much to lose by risking our hearts, but, oh my dear, so much to gain.

Of course the bass note in all of this is the 4th of seven Uranus-Pluto squares, exact at 9 degrees Aries and Capricorn respectively. So the tensions that have been circulating like an ocean swell in your life are at a point of magnitude–I’m sure you’ll be able to identify it even without your chart in front of you. Where have you been longing to stay safe, secure, in the known, and at the same time restless to change, move forward, take a risk? With the energy of the square, the eclipse is such an important time to get clear on your own fears and motivations, and be honest with yourself about what limiting beliefs are holding you back.

Otherwise, the rest of the planets are all active players but in a supportive way; there is ease and opportunity even in the midst of seemingly ceaseless change and emotional overwhelm. Without getting too far into the astro-minutae, here is the message of this eclipse: Don’t think about your feelings, feel them. However strong, irrational, unknown, uncomfortable. You don’t need to know the why–just take some quality time for yourself and express however you need to. You won’t die, I promise. Then: when you’ve cleared out a bit of the intensity, think about what you really, really want to transform in your life. And take one step.

One step. Feel the fear, and do it anyway.

One. Step. At. A. Time. This too shall pass; although intense, the potential of these days is precious and potent. Choose consciously.



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