These Are the Voyages of the Starship Uranus

Uranus-in-astrologyI love the glyph for Uranus–I always think it looks like a top-down view of the Starship Enterprise. And what was the mandate of Star Trek crews? To go where no man had gone before. To explore, find new worlds, expand the horizons of what was possible to know and see and do. And what is the mandate of Uranus? The very same. Little synchronicities like this make me smile!

Uranus has stationed to go direct today, at around 8 degrees of Aries. This means that the higher-mind/higher-knowing energy of this planet is now more available for us to use in the outer world. Uranus rules the higher mind, that is, the part of us that streams wisdom live from the cosmos, the aspect of our selves that receives insights and inspirations and communicates that to our “lower” mind–or the regular ol’ brain, ruled by Mercury. The forward motion of Uranus in Aries will free us to listen and then act on the insights and downloads we are receiving. This is great energy to move through the Solstice and into the New Year, for Uranus’ quest for freedom and discovery and Aries’ love of action create a great atmosphere in which to make change and positive resolutions for growth.

Where will you voyage in 2014?image

Meanwhile there is a full Moon today in Gemini, at about 25 degrees. This Moon is extroverted and inquisitive. Gemini wants to know! To talk, gather facts, put the puzzle together, find another game to play. This Moon could offer up some positive energy to communicate, especially if we can take a cue from the Sun, opposite the moon, in Sagittarius and combine our desire to find things out with an ability an openness to hear another’s truth and co-create meaning with each other.

Hearing multiple viewpoints is a gift of Gemini, and so I’ve been finding that this week has already been full of intense, emotional communication that has gone well because I’ve chosen to a)speak my truth and let the other have theirs, b)have the tiniest bit of humor, and c)take the time to really take in what the other is saying, from a pure information perspective (so having an awareness of the deep feelings involved, but also using my left brain to look squarely at the facts that underlie the emotions).

Perhaps those strategies will work for you if you have difficult conversations to have. Fundamentally, Sag and Gemini both want the world to be a fun place, full of meaning, possibility, and shiny objects to look at. Let this bright moon shine a light of pure joy into your week!

If you could say anything today to the beloveds in your life, what would it be?

If you could learn one fun thing, find out about one possible new adventure for 2014, where would that take you?


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