April’s Astro Rodeo

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I’ve been reading, watching, and listening to a LOT of astrologers’ comments on this eventful month of April. We have the rising energy of Spring (in the N. hemisphere) anyway, which always gets us feisty; tax season, cabin fever–the panic over winter weight gain . . . all the usual suspects. And, what we have in addition is some mega planetary activity stacking up for a pretty fascinating month.

Fascinating. That’s going to be my word for it, because I have sat with how and what to write about these energies and I come back to the deep unknown and what else can that be but fascinating?

Much good information is out there about the eclipses, beginning with the Lunar eclipse in Libra on Tuesday, followed by the Solar eclipse in Taurus on the 28th. The cardinal cross, in orb as we speak, hits its apex in between the eclipses, near the 20-23rd. I send you to my friend and fellow astrologer Emily’s excellent posts on the topic, virgomagic.com, for more deets on what is actually happening and her advice for riding the waves.

Meanwhile . . . . I don’t really feel that I want to add to the information that is already out there. There’s a lot happening, it is technical and complex. What will occur is change. Mutability on some magnitude, in some order, with varying degrees of resistance by me and you and everyone around us. We’re in a big bubbling cauldron of change already, though, so this shouldn’t be so surprising, or even unfamiliar. What we want to remember to do is stay present and breathe through each moment, be it “good” or “bad.” How we want to deal is to, in the words of my excellent friend Beth, “stay inspired and take lots of naps.” Not napping to avoid what is coming down the pike, but honoring that extreme times are trying, and that we may find ourselves needing more rest, more quiet time, more face time with whatever we call our Source.

I recently attended a small theater event during Boulder Arts Week. There were two shows on the bill, both excellent one-woman offerings that I thoroughly enjoyed. The second show was presented by Kelsie Huff, self-titled ‘stand-up storyteller.’ Her show was a dramatic, hilarious, poignant, kick-ass tale about her own life, and, I thought, a wonderful analogy for the astrology of April.  I don’t know how much of her story was truth, and how much comic and literary license. Nevertheless, what I experienced was a woman who took a fair amount of messed up adversity and turned it into a win for the audience, who identified, laughed, cried; and a win for her, as her wound became her healing and part of her art. She let her crazytown childhood motivate her to find and create something better–not denying what had/does/is happening in that realm of her life (family), but not being victimized either. The result was stellar. After experiencing some sadness in my own life, I can tell you I needed that 45 minute laughing cure.

So, what am I saying here? The astrological events of the month of April have potency now and for years beyond. Trends are being set up, paths being taken. The cardinal cross is a stress aspect; eclipses can be intense, fast, furious. We have here motivation to change. To take adversity, and turn it into something greater, more interesting, and hell, if we can swing it, funnier for ourselves. Change is our one dependable constant. Can we be flexible, present, feel our feelings, and be responsible for ourselves?–because at the end of the day, we are steering our own ship. If the house is on fire, grab the pets and get out, call for help. If you have something to say, find some neutral ground to speak from, and say it. If a dream/baby/new direction is in the birth canal, then don’t fight the contractions, let it come out. Don’t spend too much time looking for that lost sock–maybe you need to let it go.

Listen. Laugh. Sleep. Love. Know that there is a bigger picture, even if you can’t see it. I’ll try to do the same!

Nuff said.

Blessings, and enjoy the emergence of Spring!


(p.s.: I’d love to hear how your month goes, and your creative responses to what the universe pitches you)

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