The Blues are Gone

Today was a really good day. SW_AundreLarrow

I saw a bobcat in the backyard. While I was making coffee.

I went to my ecstatic dance class, got to move and play and connect with some good people and myself and hear some good music. Which got me thinking about this post.

Today was a good day, and, I’ve got some health stuff going on.

I’ve got some big decisions to make.

I’m not exactly being the impeccable person I think I am,  or want to be, in all my relationships.

But today was a good day.

The blues were gone.

There was a song in the set list this morning—I7-dustin-scarpitti don’t know it and I’ve just spent 15 minutes trying to find it, in vain—but it was about the blues being gone, asking if the mountain is lonely with the clouds all around, or those flowers fearful of their future in the dry riverbed, cause they got each other through the dark night . . . maybe you had to be there but it was the perfect kind of tune to celebrate Saturn moving into Sagittarius (ingress Dec. 23 2014) after the long dark haul through Scorpio (there was a rather Scorpionic song in the list too, with ONE lyric: reality . . . baby, we’re ALL gonna die). Uh, yeah. Exactly. But we laughed.

And kept dancing.

So this is the thing: Every day can be a good day—in some form, in some way. We’re mostly always going to have hard stuff going on. Stuff we have to take care of, be mindful of, solve, sort, and look through.

Saturn loves it when we are responsible, and go to the dentist and get a pap smear and change the oil in the car and pay our parking tickets. Saturn is tickled when we read a self-help book and then actually use it. Saturn holds space for the hard conversations, the accountable exit from impossible situations, the true I’m sorry, the doing of anything needful but possibly tedious.

When we are responsible, and attend to our inner health, creating a structure for our well-being, Saturn gets a rosy glow on his face. We listened to him, to the things he was showing us, and got a hammer and a nail, so to speak. We built a good house for our soul to live in.

landscape fantasyWe’ve had a long haul in the underworld, and Saturn is happy if we’ve kept a file, and made some journal entries, and organized the chaos of the inner work. Because if we’ve been at all diligent, now, we get to play. We can see the horizon. We get to realize the mountain isn’t lonely, and that it doesn’t matter when it rains again cause we got each other in the dark of the night. We’ve got our Self, when it comes to it, and now the sun is shining and the Sagittarius optimism and wanderlust have us ready to dance.

To take a bigger journey than we think we can.

Yeah, we’re all going to die.

There’s a bobcat in the back yard.

I’m not perfect, and I’m often confused.

I felt joy deep enough this morning to milk tears from my eyes.

I can see a vision for the future that inspires me.

The blues are gone. And we’re going to keep on walking forward.

Tell Saturn your vision for the next 2 1/2 years. Let him tell you what needs some attention in your life. Do the work. And watch the vision unfold with his trustworthy blessings.

IMG_0629my best,


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