Fly Your Freak Flag: Doing Virgo New School

be your freaky self!I have reached that stage in life where I am finally thankfully starting to not give a sh** what other people think of me. I talk to my flowers. I do past life healings. I deeply enjoy watching the birds at my bird feeder. The highlight of my week (last week) was having a bear in my kitchen. I love to knit, do crosswords, and I haven’t seen Breaking Bad or The Sopranos or Orange is the New Black.

In other words, I’m pretty sure I’m not hip.

I say things that my bonus teens think are really weird.

But you know what? I love that I am my own kind of freakity freak and I’m gonna let that flag fly. Finally.

And so what does this have to do with Virgo?

(Just to track the planets, Jupiter has started his trip through Virgo. Mercury is in Virgo. The sun will ingress into Virgo on the 23/24th of the month depending on your time zone.)

I want a new definition of Virgo. I want some new school, kick-ass associations with this oft-maligned sign.

But Elia, you say, you can’t just change the archetypal meaning of a Zodiac sign because you want to.

Well, yeah, yes I can. Because though we always stay rooted in the ancient stories and associations, I believe astrology is a living art that evolves to reflect the society it is serving. Not all astrologers would agree with me; that’s fine. I want to recognize the aspect of Virgo–virgin–that means she is unto herself. As in, belonging to no person. Un-merged. Whole.


In her high vibration, this shows up as energy that is in service to the world in a way that is individually crafted, we could even say, artisanal.

Virgo knows her own way. Sets her own bar. Makes her own rules. As I see it, she’s got her freak flag and she flies it!

Typically Virgo gets a bad rap. Associated with accountants and engineers and button-up types, you wouldn’t necessarily associate the archetype of Virgo with freaks or freakishness. But the anal retentive, critical reputation of this sign is earned from the shadow attributes–and nothing to do with Virgo rocking her unique identity.

use-jupiter-transits-astrology-forecasts-800x800Virgo is often identified with the idea of our patriarchal interpretation of the word virgin. That is someone who is sexually “chaste” and often demure, innocent, or powerless.  But the temple virgins who worshipped Vesta, in Roman times, were powerful priestesses who had a tremendously important role in society. They were sexual virgins, true, but they were able to remain unto themselves, that is, belonging to no man. No usual obligations to marry and bear children.

In Greek times the sacred temple virgins, or “prostitutes” of Aphrodite were integrated as a part of Greek religious practice, and they were sexual and powerful. Sacredly sexual priestesses. Also belonging to no man, able to remain unto themselves.

I’m not really inspired to give a lecture here on the goddesses of ancient civilization–nor am I qualified. What is interesting to me is the “unto herself” part of Virgo. The inner core of self-reliant, self-understanding which is the high vibration of this sign. The energy of Virgo that says, I fly my freak flag, because I depend on no-one’s opinion to be “good enough.”

With the upcoming flurry of activity in Virgo, I say let us find the ways the we individuate ourselves and be proud of that. I say, let’s celebrate how we are continually evolving and unfolding beings, offering our best self to the world. Let’s embrace discernment and leave that whole judgy thing behind.

Virgo new school!

How do you fly your freak flag? I want to know!



ps: my man-friend hates this picture of me–but I love it, cause it was a funny day wearing my hilarious friend’s ginormous glasses! freak-on!

pps: Jupiter is said to be in detriment in Virgo. This is astro-speak for not operating well. I say phtttt! to that . . . Virgo is wise, ever growing; Jupiter is wise, ever expanding . . . Virgo’s temperance can curb Jupiter’s intemperance–sounds like a great combo to me!

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