What is Spiritual Healing?

spiritual healingWhat is Energy Healing?

As a practitioner of energy healing, I get asked this a lot.

What is it? Is it Reiki? Does it work? How? How can it work long distance? Is it spiritual healing? Etc.

I think there are potentially as many forms of energetic/spiritual healing as there are people—but in general, we’re talking about a couple of things:

  • Healing that comes as a result or from the spiritual world.
  • Healing of the spirit through means as various as prayer, spontaneous enlightenment, dancing or sex, to name a few of my favorites. (Not that I’m spontaneously enlightened—but that would be fun!)

I know some people who have received full-on spiritual healing without even really asking for it. The dissolution of actual, physical diseases. There are probably hundreds, if not more, miracles that take place every year. Lourdes, John of God . . . celebrity healers . . . it happens.

This isn’t the norm, however. For most of us, energetic and spiritual healing is something we do ourselves, as a practice, or employ others to do with and for us.

How Does it work? Is it Reiki?reiki healing hands

Reiki is defined by the International Center for Reiki Training as a combo of two Japanese words – Rei which means ‘God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power’ and Ki which is ‘life force energy’ So Reiki is actually ‘spiritually guided life force energy.

Reiki is probably the most well-known type of energy healing in the mainstream. But there are plenty of modalities—Brennan healing science, Donna Eden’s energy medicine, Reconnective Healing, Theta Healing, Matrix . . . they are very different in application but taking the “spiritually guided life force energy” idea, all energy healing is essentially the same.

We are energy.

The Universe is energy.

We are connected. Molecules bumping around together, overlapping, affecting each others’ behavior.

Whether you come at  Oneness from physics or metaphysics doesn’t matter.

Many flavors of energy healing/medicine utilize the chakra system. Others work more simply with the energetic field (aura). Some systems include the client as an active part of healing, and some of the newer methods don’t require you, as a receiver, do really do anything other than be open to change.

In my own practice, which is a blend of Brennan Science, Reiki, and other techniques, I observe that most everyone can feel energy moving in their system while a healing is happening. But if you don’t feel it, it still works. Even during long distance sessions, people have experiences related to the process.

I connect with distance clients in a neutral, healing space I create in the energetic realm. Because the concept of time and space is only a concept, we can be together as energy even if we can’t be in the same room physically. Almost all healers of any modality I know find distance healing to be at least as effective as in-person sessions, if not more so. This wouldn’t work with other types of medicine, which require physical input of some kind. Energy healing isn’t better than other types of healing, it’s just different.

healing handsA Complementary System

Though some people choose to forgo mainstream medical treatment and rely on spiritual and energetic healing techniques to heal physically manifested illness or symptoms, I personally find energy work to function best as a complementary therapy. With emotional and psychological healing, it is effective too, either alone or in conjunction with therapy, depending on the situation.

(That being said, stay on your meds if you need them–and find a healer who can work with your regular doc or therapist closely).

In my practice I work primarily with the psycho-spiritual dimension—that is, the mind and spirit. Beliefs, past life issues, emotional clearing. Dis-ease begins in the energetic field, and manifests at some point as sickness in the body. The more we can keep our fields clear, and resolve past life issues, the greater chance we have of health on every level.

This doesn’t mean we are somehow flawed if we get sick—obviously there are many other contributing factors. But unresolved emotional stuff creates stress in the body. When chakras are blocked, distorted, or not functioning properly, then real-time issues can arise in the physical.

Spiritual healing is something that anyone can do for themselves. personal growthWe all know on some level how to lay on hands with intention. Kissing the boo-boo or holding a body part in pain are perfect examples of this.

Energy healers take the time to receive training—varying levels of it—and in the case of Brennan Science healers, do a tremendous amount of personal growth work as well.

Personal development is part and parcel of becoming a healer, in my opinion. Because—how can I help you clean up your aura if mine is clogged with all sorts of unresolved gunk? And how can I be a clear, listening channel if I don’t know how to deal with transference or be truly in contact with a client?

As for the client—the more you are present with your own issues, and working toward emotional freedom and awareness, the more effectively you can receive the work of a healer.

Some would disagree with this—but in my practice I’ve found it to be true.

Healing is not about the magic bullet (though we often want it to be!) It can be miraculous, to be sure. Mostly it is a process of clearing and intention—and being responsible for ourselves. Even with the help of a healer, it is up to the receiver to take up the healing being offered/performed. To make the necessary life changes to make the healing effective. To recognize and say no to dysfunctional patterns and limiting beliefs.

And, I hope your healer will model this for you: the gentle, transformative energy of self-compassion.

Practicesanimal healing

Right now, if you can, finish this post and then head outside. Wherever you live, within a short distance, there must be a tree, a garden, a florist, or a grocery store. Go plant bathing.

Yeh, plant bathing. Plants and the natural world transmit incredibly positive healing energy. Flower bathing is one of my favorite types of energy transmission . . . and you can give to them too!

Or, if you are ready for it, mineral bathing. Being with stones, earth, mountains . . . if you’re reading this in Antarctica say, in the springtime, head out and be with the quiet stones of those dry valleys. Crystals, stones–obvious healing energies.

Or—and this is also a powerful form of spiritual and energetic healing—animal bathing. Petting animals, being in their presence (in the wild best, of course—zoos are kinda traumatic), giving and receiving love, even from a random puppy will boost and transform your energetic field, if you let it.

And then there’s star-bathing . . . you get the idea.

Experiment! And let me know how it goes.



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