Why August is A Really Good Time to Transform Your Relationships

venus_topoLove relationships are always the number one thing that clients ask about. Hands down–and I mean, really, hands UP if you have issues around relationship!

Of course, this is part of the human journey! Part of our evolutionary intent as described by the Asc/Dsc axis, Venus, Mars, Juno . . . all the gang.

So why is August such a powerful month? Because Venus is retrograde in Leo (though she started at 0º Virgo–more on that in a minute), and we have the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars all transiting through Leo–and Venus retro territory–throughout the month.

What Leo has to do with Love

Popular astrology doesn’t always associate Leo with love. But the highest vibration of the Lion’s energies is a concept I want you to write down: radical self love.

This is the most healing practice we can embrace if we want to transform our relationships. I would add, even, the word responsibility. As in, radical self-love self-responsibility.

Because it is our responsibility, as adults, to give ourselves the love we need. First. Foremost.'Seedling'_sculpture,_Saltwell_Park_-_geograph.org.uk_-_1597617

I was inspired by a meditation this morning, part of Deepak & Oprah’s latest meditation series on Grace and Gratitude. Deepak–in his lovely wise-papa voice–said that as children, we learn to place the source of love, nurturing, and security outside of ourselves, on our parents. Fair enough–but as adults, we need to recognize that the source of love–big, Divine, love–is inside of us, and never, ever leaves us.

True that.

(We leave love, sometimes, when we forget how wonderful we are, just because we are.)

Leo asks us to enjoy the reflection the world gives us for our playful efforts, yes. But to ultimately evolve to the place where we don’t need the outer world to tell us how lovable we are–that is the most empowered knowing we can arrive at. And the most empowered place from which to love each other.

Venus Retrograde

So the retrograde cycle of any planet asks us to review the territory that planet governs and is traveling through. Venus asks us to look at:

  • relating and relationships (not just romantic)
  • our creativity
  • our sensuality
  • our relationship to pleasure
  • the expression of our feminine (yes, even for men)
  • our values
  • our talents
  • how we survive (strategies, money, expression of our talents)

Now, add the Leo filter, and the question becomes: how in all these areas could I/do I maintain an attitude of radical self-love?

If you know where Venus is in your chart natally, you can also add the layer of your natal Venus issues, whatever sign she’s in. (sign up for my list for a FREE Venus report!)

Do you know the area of your chart that has 14ºLeo to 0º Virgo? This is where much of the action of the month will be.

Venus and Virgo732px-DomenichinounicornPalFarnese

Venus’ retro period is also flavored by Virgo, since she changed direction at 0º of this sign.

The highest vibration of Virgo is the sacred sexual priestess, wisdom keeper, and healer who goes beyond her own Self to serve the world.

If we are truly to embody our highest self and gifts for the world, we first have to journey through Leo, and learn–what?–radical self love and self responsibility. Then are we free to give our gifts in that humble, pure, unswerving Virgo way.

Behind all the Leo rumbling and roaring, your highest self is waiting to emerge. Shining with all the grace Leo brings. Glowing with all the wisdom Virgo embodies.

The Rest of the Gang

imagesLeo and the 0º Virgo mark are going to be stimulated and expanded by Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars. This means that the degrees of Leo that Venus’ retro travels through (14º to the 0ºVirgo) are getting all kinds of energy so that you can really get into this great time of self-discovery.

That second half of Leo’s 30 degrees–so 15-30º–are all about developing the self-love that needs no reflection. The radical self-love I keep on about!

All the planets are there, making sure you get the message. Feel the love.

  • Jupiter to expand you and bring you wisdom
  • Mars to energize and inspire your drive and manifestation
  • Mercury to communicate and learn
  • Venus to help you really integrate that YOU are the shining star of your own life


write a letter to yourselfOk, so it’s not as though many of us have mastered this self-love thing. There are zillions of practices that can help us come back to ourselves and check in. So here’s a few.

They are really easy. And they will help transform your relationships–which we all want.

  • Write a letter to yourself. Include all the things you love about yourself. Be over the top, super-loving–imagine if you were the best mother of yourself ever. Keep this handy for days when you don’t feel so great.
  • Connect to your authentic pleasure. We starve ourselves of this crucial aspect of life. Do you love flowers? Visit a garden or even a florist shop–buy yourself a bouquet. If you enjoy movement, let yourself go dancing or dance in your kitchen. Love a good mystery? Go to the library and get an old favorite or explore a new author–then unplug and give yourself an hour or two. Swaddle under a nice blanket with a cuppa tea, a press full of coffee, or a dry martini. You get the idea.
  • Meditate. If you feel you can afford it, purchase one of the Chopra Center meditation series. They’re awesome! Even 5 minutes a day helps you to center. Heart chakra meditations are good too–just sit for a few minutes and focus on the heart chakra. Think of people, places, and things that you love. Create a vibration of love in your body. Give it to yourself.
  • Practice acceptance. If you have moments of feeling off, lonely, sad, or unworthy, just be with the feelings without attaching a story to them. Accept that this is how you feel in the moment, and you will be surprised at how quickly the emotions pass.
  • Have some fun!!!! That’s what Leo loves . . . so get out and play.

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