I’m a writer. A reader. A cook, a baker, a sweater maker.

I read the stars, and the Tarot, and the NYT Review of Books.

I’m passionate about life, growth, the journeys we take.

Telling stories: yours, and mine.

I’m striving to be conscious in a crazy world. To help where I can.

To love large, and live the lush life.


Let's Talk Story

I write about …

  • travel
  • food
  • healing (physical, spiritual, emotional)
  • yoga
  • DIY living (from growing¬† veggies to making toothpaste)
  • personal development
  • metaphysics

My clients (mainly) are …

  • natural lifestyle businesses
  • food providers (producers, growers, restaurants)
  • alternative medical practitioners
  • non-profits

I am for hire …

  • as a freelance journalist/blogger
  • copywriter & content editor
  • guide for personal & spiritual development

I have studied …

There’s more, of course … but that’s enough to get you started.






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