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How I Work

I have two main ways to work with clients: through bidding projects and hourly packages.

Let me describe how they work and what they include.

Project Bids

After we have our discovery session and decide we’d like to explore working together, you will send me your project proposal and scope of work. I will then put together a bid for you of cost and delivery time. We agree via a simple contract. I’ll invoice you for the deposit, and once that is received, we get to it! Working with me in this way includes:

  • all communication between us for the scope of work: emails, phone calls, text (within normal business hours or as agreed)
  • the deliverable products agreed upon in the scope of work
  • the number of revisions agreed upon in the scope of work

Hourly Packages

I put together hourly packages as a way to help solopreneurs or micro-businesses access the services of a writing professional. Often these folks can’t pay big project deposits, or aren’t yet to the stage of organization where they know exactly what they need and in what order.

I totally get that. This can be a great option for you, if this is your situation. Just know, however, that in the long run hiring me hourly isn’t necessarily going to save you money. There is an inevitable “nickel & diming” quality to hourly work that often surprises people, so please think about that when you are considering hiring me in this way.

The following are my package options:

  • 3 hours ~ $155
  • 5 hours ~ $265
  • 10 hours ~ $415
  • 20 hours $750

I use Toggl to keep track of time and to provide reporting and breakdown for you, if you need that. The following are some guidelines to how using an hourly format works:

  • Anytime I am working for you–whether sending an email, replying to a text, auditing your current content, or working on copy, I am “on the clock.” There are a few exceptions to this, but in order to protect my time and stay in integrity with myself, I have to be vigilant about timekeeping.
  • I am available in normal business hours (9-5 M-F, Mountain time), unless we arrange otherwise.
  • I will alert you when we are halfway through the time you’ve purchased, and again when we have an hour left.
  • Strategy sessions, future planning, and analysis calls are all billable. (this does not include our initial discovery session, which is complimentary)
  • I strongly encourage you to have clear agendas for phone calls, and to be mindful when sending multiple emails and so on. This is for YOU. You will be amazed how much time gets spent on communication–which of course is necessary and important!–and so let’s streamline that as much as possible.

It can be tricky working hourly, and most of my writing colleagues don’t do it. I offer hourly packages because this enables me to work with smaller clients, which I like. I am very strict about my integrity and trustworthiness, and to that end I will not be emailing with other clients, checking my facebook feed, or petting my cat while on the clock for you. You are going to have to trust me. If that feels uncomfortable, we’re better off going the bid route.

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