Content Consulting

Consulting Services

Sometimes all you need is a boost, some brainstorming, or an action plan–let me help.

I am available to work with you to:

  • audit your site content
  • create your action plan (if desire/budget constraints insist that you write your own content)
  • edit and proofread content that you write
  • point you to great resources

Some Common Questions & Concerns

What will I get with consulting services?

If after your initial 30 minute consult (free!) you decide you want to write your own copy but need help, I will put together a package of sessions based on the scope of work we have discussed. This can look a little like coaching if you are starting from scratch, or more like an audit if you have existing content you want to rewrite. Each client has a customized package.

Do you work hourly?

I don’t. I’ve found that it doesn’t really benefit you or me. The package will include chunks of time, of course, which I request payment for up front. If we need additional sessions, then we work out another package.

I find that clients are more motivated to get their work done when they have committed to a process with me.

More Q’s? Head over to the FAQ page.

Curious about web content or copywriting?

Interested in email/newsletter campaigns?

Want to talk? Let’s see if your needs and my skills are a fit. An initial dialogue of 30-45 minutes is free of charge, and there is no obligation to buy.

Mobile: 808-333-8646


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