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Why Does Good Copy Matter?

In the early days of search engines, all that really mattered to get rankings was SEO. Or keyword stuffing that had little to do with content written for real people, looking for answers to real questions.

But the Internet changes constantly, as we all observe, and what is true now is that search engines rank for good, relevant content. Sure, keywords matter, and other aspects of SEO. But what Google and Co. want to see is that we are actually helping readers with what we write. Search engines want to see that we are providing service.

I can help audit, optimize, write or rewrite your content.

The Web Is a User-driven Medium

This is why we love it: we are in control of where we go, what we read, how and what we buy. A page bores, offends, doesn’t serve, and we’re outta there, with one click. Back to the competition.

As providers of goods and services on the Web, our mission is to get people connected to what they need, quickly, effectively, and with integrity.

I can help you write engaging and informative text that helps your readers get what they need.

Go ahead and drop me a line, or call: 808.333.8646. I’d love to talk to you. Free 30 minute consult to see if we’re a fit.

Connection Is the New Black

Are You the One?

If you are a business owner and you have a website or blog, web content management is part of your job. If you have an online newsletter or communicate with your clients via email, web content management is something you have to pay attention to.

Can you tell me what each of your site’s pages are for and if they are doing their job?

Are you a writer? (and I don’t mean the novel you are working on at home–though that’s pretty cool) Do you communicate well with your audience?

Do you understand what drives readers to you and away?

Have you got a handle on your analytics? Have you optimized your site pages?

Are you the one who wants to be responsible for all this? Think about it every day? Make it happen?

If yes, then, YES! That’s great. If not, contact me. Let’s talk. I can help you.

Discover more about my web content management, email/newsletter copy, or consulting.

More Q’s? Check out the FAQ page.

Let’s see if your needs and my skills are a fit. An initial dialogue of 30-45 minutes is free of charge, and there is no obligation to buy.

Mobile: 808-333-8646


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