Elia is professional, friendly, and dependable. Her intelligence and passion shine through her writing, and she is open and willing to work with any feedback. Elia’s consistency and hard work made my job as an editor easy! Plus, she’s always organized and punctual, usually getting pieces to me well before the deadline. Simply put, Elia is a joy to work with. –Tess Nakaishi, Editor, First Page Sage

As an editor, Elia is professional, keen, and kind. As a writer, Elia is  the best combination of efficient and effective – getting her point across in creative, smart ways, and with heart, and always on deadline. She’s one of my go-to readers and has been for a long time. – Nancy Slavin, author of Moorings and Oregon Pacific.

If I had a word to describe Elia Seely-it would have to be brilliant!
Elia is a witty writer with excellent communication skills. She is the writer that everyone wants to work with – because she always delivers the work on time and always, always is a pleasure to work with. My team and I look forward to hiring her again and again.– Debra LaCoppola, photoduo.com

Elia is awesome. She has helped to get my online business back on track. She has helped me to understand about search engine optimization, about how to get my site ranked higher with google, about tracking customers, and on and on.  Throughout the process it really felt like she took ownership of the business, and honestly cared about how it was working, and that what she was doing was in line with what I wanted. I have felt like I needed to update my website and products for awhile but have not known where to start. She did those things and then helped me to learn about lots of areas that I wasn’t aware of. I honestly don’t think I could have gotten my business to the place it is now without her help.  She has been a joy to work with. I highly recommend her services. — Malcolm Oliver, BoldMats.com

On the many occasions which I’ve consulted with Elia, her input on pertinent topics has been very pragmatic yet creative and insightful.  She’s fun to work with yet the mission doesn’t get lost in the pleasure!  The experience has always been enjoyable and pertinent.  Elia is a very gifted writer and is passionate about nature, food, and well-being. I trust her knowledge, commitment and the results of the outcome.– Lynne Wilson, EMDR therapist

Elia is a delightful, intelligent, warm and easy person to work with. She was fair and clear about her pricing and I was more than pleased with the whole experience. I was unsure about having someone write for me about something I was so intimately involved in. I make natural perfumes and could not imagine how to explain what I do and have someone be able to write to the heart of my work. Yet Elia succeeded in crafting beautiful language that was neither too flowery nor predictable. She listened to me intently and came up with succinct, clear and representative language that felt just right.
Thank you Elia! — Sita Flammer, Aesthetician, yoga teacher, skin care consultant

As both a co-worker and a friend, Elia has been reliable, kind and always able to laugh. She is fairly extroverted person, while still being able to focus her attention on one person or situation, and listen thoughtfully and carefully. Elia is someone I have always been able to trust. —  Jody Swanson, Cloud & Leaf Bookstore


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