Virgo B. Good (and kind!)

File:Sépulcre Arc-en-Barrois 111008 12.jpgThe eye of a critic does two things: perceive what is lacking, and compare one thing to another. This ability to cast a detailed glance at at the world and know what needs to be adjusted can be a gift of the master who discerns what yet is needed for a work to be completed, or the judgement of one for whom the world has become heavy. As Mercury and the Sun move through Virgo and form their various aspects with other planets, we will have more activity and options to choose how we will see and present ourselves in the world.

Looking into the often raw and terrifying realm of our own woundedness isn’t necessarily anyone’s favorite activity, yet the desire to look into herself and perfect what she sees is the mandate of Virgo. Mercury opposes Chiron in Pisces on Thursday, the 29th. We’ve been feeling this upcoming opposition as urges to communicate our feelings, criticisms, and results of self-introspection have brought issues of emotional self-responsibility (or lack thereof) to the forefront. As Mercury in Virgo longs to express the detailed statistical results of its analysis, Chiron says, gently, Yes, I hear you. And, have you suffered enough yet? Take your imperfect and humble self, and allow the cool water of compassion to flow over your raw and burning wounds. Feel, rather than think, and allow yourself to be.

The Sun in Virgo exactly sextiles Saturn in Scorpio on Thursday too, giving an opportunity for a good dose of Virgo’s level headed analysis to affect the often less than smooth sailing of Saturn’s ride

through the seas of the underworld. Where we can practically and with intelligence look at our internal temple and see the need for improvement (coupled with the compassion of Pisces), we can make great strides in our efforts to heal emotional wounds and work with our fears of intimacy and relating.

What does this actually look like? I’ve been experiencing my own inner critic a lot, especially in the context of intimate relationship. I’ve found myself engaging in a self-sabotaging routine of giving my friend 50 ways of jumping our newly launched ship, cleverly disguised as intelligent communication about my needs and areas of self-work . Why? Ah–here it is, my fears of actually being liked, actually being seen. Saturn in Scorpio: fears of betrayal, of losing my power, of getting to close. Now that I’ve seen what I’m really doing, I can take a more compassionate look at those fears and ask myself, is this how I want to be expressing who I am to this person, to myself, to the world?

As the week progresses there will also be possibilities to benefit from Mercury’s passage through it’s own sign of Virgo. Our minds will be intelligent and quick, and our ability to discern what needs to be done to create more physical and emotional health and well-being will positively impact our beliefs about what it takes to be emotionally secure and self-reliant. Meanwhile Mars in the first degrees of Leo wants to play, express creatively and roar from the rooftops. This is still an excellent time to act on inspirations from Uranus in Aries and take action on ideas to express ourselves more clearly and fully.

File:New Moon at sunset.jpgA New Moon in Virgo finishes up the week on September 5th, giving us fresh and fertile soul to start new healthful routines of relating to ourselves,our bodies, and others. What do we want to harvest from the summer months, as August wanes and we enter the mellower season of Fall? As the Moon wanes this week, allow the chaff of what isn’t needed to fall away, so that by New Moon time you are clear about what seeds to include in the next season of growth for September’s lunar cycle.

Have ease with yourself, and the softness of compassion as you work with Virgo’s improving energies.



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