The Nature of Seeing

What does it mean to see? To really allow our vision to penetrate and comprehend another being, or a landscape, or our fellow creatures? I am reminded of the movie Avatar, where the female character has interactions with the other creatures on her planet where she sees the true essence of those creatures, even if she’s in some kind of challenging interaction with them. As the Sun finishes up its journey in Leo this week, and as Venus has moved into Libra, I’m curious about this idea of really seeing and being seen.

Actually I find that most people have a love/hate relationship with being visible. I myself do, and it is my continual journey to understand the strong Leo/5th house energy in my chart. On the one had, we all long to be really understood and accepted for who we really are; yet our ability to express all of ourselves is typically quite cut off and short circuited by our fears of being rejected and misperceived.  The highest vibration of Leo invites us to deeply express all of our light, however that looks. To radiate from our own core of self-knowing and truth, and by doing so, encourage others to do the same. The trick is to live and express from a place of true essence, rather than ego–where shadow Leo can demand all the attention and/or requires constant feedback from the world in order to validate itself.

Enter the archetype of Virgo, where the Sun moves to on the 22nd, and Mercury follows on the 23rd. This archetype, when working with essence and exalted Leo energies, takes all of our soul gifts and creative potential out into the world to be of service. She says, hey, this loveliness inside of me needs to be shared! What are the best ways to do that? And using her discernment and ability to perceive and perfect with laser-like clarity, finds ways for our souls to interact with the world with both joy and humility.

Illustrators & Authors: Karen Mahony & Alexandr Ukolov
Illustrators & Authors: Karen Mahony & Alexandr Ukolov

When Virgo encounters shadow Leo–the narcissist, the egoist, the bully–she takes her amazing sword of insight and cuts away with that same precision. There is no room in Virgo’s temple of highest good for the bombast of a Lion who is not expressing it’s true light. Or her own shadow can be activated, creating criticism, judgment, and a self-abnegating predilection for suffering or victimhood. And that true self, that longs to be seen, is hidden behind the defenses of perfectionism, control, and rigidity.

As the Sun and Mercury–our essence and how we communicate that–begin the journey into Virgo, we have the opportunity to see what aspect of this wise and humble archetype we are choosing to activate. As Venus travels her own sign of Libra, we will naturally be looking at our relationships and searching for balance and equanimity; Mars enters Leo on the 27th, keeping the energies of the Lion alive and infusing our lives with the desire to actively express who we are.

Virgo is the bridge between the self of Leo and the other of Libra.cropped-clifford-suspension-bridge-ii-2008.jpg Can we cultivate a compassionate and discerning witness consciousness to observe how we are choosing to manifest our essence and allowing ourselves to be seen? Can we look at our beloveds, co-workers, friends, and see them, attempting to do the same thing? Where can we help each other? Where can we allow more room for ourselves, take a chance on shedding the masks and needs for validation and just shine in our own particular jaw-dropping beauty?

I want to see you. I want you to see me.



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