Your Story Sells You

Your story sells you. 

Telling a compelling story–through your content–is key to letting people get to know you. Quality content. Real content.

So what is content?

Your copy—be it on your website, blog, sales letters, or social media (to name a few)—is the most important aspect of how clients find and trust you, and ultimately buy from you.

Your content includes:

  • all your website pages
  • blog posts or articles
  • social media posts
  • on-line courses
  • e-books
  • case studies/reports
  • sales letters
  • and more!

Are you responsible for all the marketing for your business? Struggling to get it all done?

If you are, hire a professional copywriter to communicate with your customers in a way that builds trust, converts, educates, and creates sales of your goods and services.

I’d like to provide your content marketing and copy.

I will create content that:

  • is keyword optimized
  • educates, entertains, persuades or all three (so that your clients will understand that YOU are the solution to their needs)
  • generates organic traffic from search engines and in-bound links
  • is sharable
  • has real value
  • builds your list

Contact me:

Mobile: 808.333.8646

Some Common Questions & Concerns

Do you fear that an “outsider” can’t really understand or write about your business? That only you can or should do it?

Outsourcing is good. We can’t all be experts at everything. For example, I don’t do my own dental work, plumbing, or car repair. It’s very, very good that I (happily) pay other people to do these things.

I’m trained as a writer. I like to write—and I’ve done it in every career and job I’ve ever had. I’ll research your market, product, and customer base. I will actually talk to you. If possible, I’ll try your product. I will look at your analytics, your site, and your current strategies. I’ll check out your competition.

Maybe you think that copy doesn’t really matter?

Have you ever gone to a website that was poorly written, filled with jargon, and went on and on about the company/product but didn’t address your needs? Probably you have—these are common mistakes. And I bet you clicked away, never to return, right?

On the other hand, think of the last time you bought something online (besides Amazon). Why did you buy? What was the deciding factor? In almost every case, we’d find that company answered your questions, gave you valuable free information, and provided clear calls to action. They filled your need and made you trust them.

Their words did this.

There are millions of websites out there, probably billions of text pages. Much of it is spammy or rubbish. Don’t fall into the “useless” category in your consumers’ minds.

Are you spending too much time agonizing over copy? Or not getting it done at all?

Imagine what else you could do with your time if you handed off your content needs to a professional. Would you spend more time on work that excites you—designing more products and services? Traveling to conferences or trade shows? Or maybe you’d play more—make it to the gym, read that stack of books, get out-of-town with your kids.

I have a web designer (so why do I need a writer)?

Ah, I’m so glad you asked. Because usually, the expertise of your designer is in designing. Of course, they can write. But do they write effectively and well? Do they understand voice? Your audience? Working with different reading styles? Keyword optimization?

My expertise is writing. I know how to listen, capture voice and tone. Research keywords and use them well. Write for different types of readers.

Designers and writers can play well together, yielding a better finished presence for your business.

Do you wonder if paying a writer can actually pay for itself?

It can, it does. Because once again, the copy that you put out there is THE way that your customers decide on who you are, what your product is, and whether they should buy from you.

In the natural food/lifestyle market, the consumers are incredibly demanding. I know. I am one—and you are too.

Do you know how many sales you are losing to customers who click away? Or who don’t sign up for your newsletter or free download? Or don’t even find your site because it isn’t optimized for their searches?

The product alone will not sell itself. You must communicate WHY.

Marie Forleo, amazing multi-talented entrepreneur and business coach has this to say about copy:

“creating copy that connects from the heart and cuts through the noise means having the power to sell anything”

And she should know, ‘cause she’s doing it!

More Q’s? Head over to the FAQ page.

Want to talk? Let’s see if your needs and my skills are a fit. An initial dialogue of 30-45 minutes is free of charge, and there is no obligation to buy.
Mobile: 808.333.8646

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