A Fractured Peace

A dismembered body, a Buddhist monastery, a young girl’s second sight.

A relaxing trail run turns into a gruesome nightmare when deputy Shannon O’Connor finds a dismembered body in the forest outside her rural community of Gold Creek, CO.

The small town sheriff’s department has never seen such a bizarre crime, and Shannon is placed in the role of lead investigator on her first murder case.

Spiral of Secrets

Finn Ross has retreated to Scotland’s remote Orkney Islands to find clarity about his dissolving career and marriage.

On a twilit midsummer ramble, he discovers the body of a local eminent musician. His involvement in the case thwarts his desire to return to his native Belfast, and Finn decides to follow his own instincts as an investigative reporter to solve the crime.

An enigmatic island girl and her grandmother join Finn in his pursuit of the truth, and all three find themselves caught in a web of lies and secrets, revealing threads of old sins and links to shadowy witchcraft.